Friday, August 27, 2010

A taste of cooler mornings and things to come

   This morning is a cool 54 degrees, a light fog sits across the lawn. Fall weather, or at least a small taste of it this cool Friday morning, a brief reminder of things to come. I love the Fall, the smell of cool crispness, cool nights for sleeping, the need for nice warm woolly socks each morning, yes I love the Fall.  I know Summer is not ready to be pushed aside just yet, but these small glimpses of whats to come make dealing with the sticky heat of summer just a bit easier.
    As "Summer Vacation" winds down, we are beginning to prepare for change, after being home schooled for the past few years our daughter will return to school as a middleschooler, and our oldest son returns to high school after a year of home school, leaving mom at home to "home preschool" our youngest. A challenge I look forward to embracing fully and most wholeheartedly ! Learning how wonderful it is to be 3 years old again with the whole world yet to discover is something I look very forward to.
     Yes, many changes, many new rhythms to adjust to here on Maple Hill but I think by the time Fall does finally settle herself down upon our doorstep we will have made the necessary transitions smoothly.

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