Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A diagnosis , or the beginnings of one at least

     This week, along with regular therapy we finally took Jacob to see a developmental pediatrician. This was not your run of the mill, rush in, "ya, ya, ya", rush you out the door because we have others to see, kind of appointment. We sat for nearly 3 hours and shared every detail about Jacob, from birth through now. I feel like we should invite her to holidays at our house now that she knows so much about us !
    So, three hours and much talking and checking later, we have a diagnosis or the beginnings of one at least. Here it goes, Dyspraxia, Sensory Processing Disorder (sensory seeking), Hypotonia and if he has Cerebral Palsy it is very mild. Because Jacob is still only 3 and not yet in school or a school setting she does not want to say that he also has ADHD but it is definitely a diagnosis he will be getting at school age, unless of course he changes into a completely different child between now and then. From what I have been reading lately most doctors do not feel comfortable saying ADHD when it comes to preschoolers, I understand this and will wait it out and see what happens over the next few years. The doctor also would like to run some blood tests and would like us to go see another orthopedist for a second opinion on his corrected clubfeet, his left foot does have a significant curve to it. The left side of his body has always been the weak side so, this may not be a relapse of the clubfoot, but possibly a stronger sign of CP.
     We talked about several strategies to deal with Jacobs needs and, in the coming weeks I will be slowly implementing changes that will hopefully lead to a happier, easier to live with preschooler and an overall more smoothly running household.  I have my doubts about the household in general because none of use have ever been close to normal and why change now right?
    Al in all, a good day. I am happy that we have a solid diagnosis, from here we can work to make sure that Jacob has everything he needs to excel at life.

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